Little Star Weekly — July 25, 2014
This week: daughters. A daughter steps away in Bruce Lawder’s story, a mother traces her solitude in Nina Bogin’s poem, and in our second part of Randi Ewing’s “Old Toad,” wandering summer days and dogs demarcate a family’s history. In Little Star Gallery, summer curator John Zinsser brings us Rico Gatson. Download the app to read. 
V as in Victor — July 16, 2014: “Professional Baseball” 
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Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading: "The Dirty Kid" by Mariana Enriquez
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"I like the neighborhood. No one understands why. But it makes me feel precise, daring, sharp. There aren’t many places like Constitución left in the city, which, except for the slums on the outskirts, has grown far richer and friendlier—it’s intense and enormous, still, but easy to live in. Constitución isn’t easy or friendly, but it’s beautiful, with all its old buildings that stand, now, like abandoned temples, occupied by infidels who don’t know that praises to the gods were once heard within those walls."

—Excerpt from “The Dirty Kid” by Mariana Enriquez in the latest issue of Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading. Download the app here.

Christ and Pop Culture — Shopping Mauls
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Travelers’ Tales: Tales to Go No. 5—India, France, Cambodia, Namibia: What could they have in common? (Answer: You. Issue No. 5 is now boarding).
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1/100, Issue 49. “Shadows” Download the app to read.
Serious Eats — The Ice Cream Issue — is out and available for download!
Want to make ice cream at home? All the essential techniques in our new magazine issue!
Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading: "Recovery Period" by Sasha Graybosch
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V as in Victor — July 9, 2014: “Battered, Not Broken” 
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Next City: Forefront, Issue 118. “Urbanizing India” — A special issue dedicated to India’s mind-blowing transformation into a nation of cities.
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V as in Victor — July 2, 2014: “Keeping House” 
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